Sarah Pillow "Remixes"


Sarah Pillow "Remixes"

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Two CDs for the price of one

Sarah Pillow introduced her new concept of giving modern arrangements to early Baroque melodies and texts with the release of "Nuove Musiche" In the fall of 2001. With "Remixes", she further pushes boundaries by offering a "before and after" taste in a 400-year time span within two CDs, featuring two stellar ensembles (one with period instruments, the other a jazz-rock band) and two outstanding interpretations of one set of 17th-century songs.

"...her performing qualities are so great that, imho (in my humble opinion), none of the other contemporary female singers can be compared to her." -



Sarah Pillow - voice
Mary Anne Ballard - viola da gamba
Jennifer Peterson - harpsichord
Ronn McFarlane - lute
Dongsok Shin - organ
Karen Marmer - baroque violin


Sarah Pillow - voice
Marc Wagnon - vibraphone
John Goodsall - guitar
Percy Jones - bass
Frank Katz - drums
Susan Pereira - percussion
Vanderlei Pereira - percussion