A world where Sound is a Mystery

The formulas of mathematics are the scores of that mind insight, they are symbolic representation system that describe what we cannot see, hear or touch: mathematics. The same thing applies to music: we could not see, hear or touch music in a world without sound.

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A Post about Noise

A Post about Noise

These facts show that noise plays an important role in our perceptions. So how is it that a noisy medium (according to all measurements made with devices such as a spectrograph) such as vinyl L.Ps. has come roaring back so that its growth has outpaced compact discs, which are in a steady decline?

Stream update

We have added the followings:

All of Sarah Pillow's releases, Morris Pert: The Voyage, Marc Wagnon Earth: is a Cruel Master.

More to come, Happy streaming

New Streaming (a work in Progress)

Some of our visitor must have noticed that our Streams page has had some problems, the company that we had used for over ten years to provide streaming of our releases has gone out of business.

We moved to SoundClouds to rebuild that feature, as of today all the Tunnels CDs have each three songs that can be streamed. More to be added soon.

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