Interesting Times

Eight new pieces by Marc Wagnon, six featuring vocalist Sarah Pillow

Exploring themes of science, history and contemporary times, Marc Wagnon releases his first album in ten years featuring some longtime musician friends and young new players. These songs feature intricate arrangements, fluid vocal lines, and engaging solo performances. Stylistically firmly anchored in contemporary jazz, this inspired mix is sure to be well received by audiences around the world.

Look for a November release, both physical and digital

Musical line-up:

  • Marc Wagnon: vibraphone, drums, percussion

  • Sarah Pillow: voice

  • Maria Grand: tenor sax

  • Tim Ouimette: trumpet

  • Kevin Oliver: alto sax

  • Kevin Moehringer: trombone

  • Van Manakas: guitar

  • Leo Traversa: bass

  • Jonathan Price: bass

  • Tony Green: acoustic bass

  • John O’Reilly Jr.: drums

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