Buckyball Music was founded by musicians seeking to re-align the relationship between the artist and the music 'business'. The ever-changing platform of how music is enjoyed by listeners has resulted in regularly re-inventing ourselves and our services, and following the ideas and inspiration of visionary humanist Buckminster Fuller. One of our goals as artists is to connect music with science in entertaining and enlightening performances.

Buckyball Music is a music company that is interested in many facets of the music industry.

- As a record label, Buckyball Music offers 28 releases of both traditional and progressive jazz, jazz-rock, avant-garde, classical and   classical crossover recordings featuring some of the most innovative musicians around. Including nine artists, most are released as CD and digital downloads, with some exclusively in digital format.

- As a music service company, Buckyball Music offers pre- and post-production recording and editing services.

- As a music video service company, Buckyball Music offers video footage recording and editing services geared towards music clips of live performances and EPK production.

- As a technical service company for AV needs, Buckyball Music will install and operate audio/visual services for small to medium events.  

- As music educators, Buckyball Music will organize workshops of Marc Wagnon's "Drum Talk", an e-book teaching method in leading group percussion ensembles of all levels. 

- As music publishers, Buckyball Music will act as publisher for composers registered with ASCAP and BMI.

Buckyball Music is about to launch the service Voice Over Mac Access ("VOMA") that is dedicated to assist visually impaired users in setting up their Mac computers with the screen reader VoiceOver. This is in part geared towards using music software like ProTools, Logic X and GarageBand, but is also directed to anyone who needs assistance with operating the screen reader. The launch date is January 1, 2016.

Quotes about Buckyball Records releases:

This 3 CD set, and especially the live CD will haunt my CD-player for a long time onward. Be sure to invest some well-spent money on this magnificent release. Highly recommended! Greger Rönnqvist "Trilogy"

"Do yourself a favor: buy this album. It will allow you to greatly expand your horizons and discover how truly universal music is. As for which arrangements are best, the traditional or the modern, I leave that to the listener. - guitarnoise.com “Remixes”

Nuove Musiche is a compelling project, brimming with emotional story lines and melodious themes. Basically, Sarah Pillow navigates previously uncharted sectors on this curiously interesting excursion!" - allaboutjazz.com "Nuove Musiche"

The energy and importance she breathes into these old classical pieces is worth the price of admission, and hopefully will lead the genre forward for many imitators."Ben Ohmart - MusicDish "Nuove Musiche"

Everyone in Jones' chops-laden quartet gets a chance to blow on this ferocious, cutting edge slamfest. - Bill Mikowski Tower Pulse “with Percy Jones”

Lots of interesting rhythms, melodies,sounds and time feels are what make this release an exceptional instrumental collection that serious fusion lovers will certainly enjoy. This music moves in a fresh, new direction. - Mike Haid, Fuse Magazine “Painted Rock

this album is full of those kinds of surprises - little musical gems that continue to delight as the CD is played over and over again ... as it will be. Jim Trageser The American Reporter “Progressively”

The winning formula resides within the strong compositions, near flawless execution, meaningful solos and overall sense of unity! This is craftsmanship of an exalted order. Highly recommended! - Glenn Astarita, AllAboutJazz.com “Shadowlines”

This recording holds interest from start to finish, the musicianship and originality is lofty, and Wagnon should be quite proud of this individualists effort. Recommended. - Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide “An Afterthought”

Something rare in jazz...Conjunction makes an enjoyable album both for casual listening and for close-up inspection; you can spend hours studying Wagnon's intricate patterns. - François Couture, All Music Guide “Conjunction”

Earth is a Cruel Master is a first-rate release of creative, forward-thinking composing supported by spectacular musicianship. John Barron allaboutjazz.com "Earth is a Cruel Master"

this is a hot sounding set that people who's ears need to hear things that push the borders with a plan in mind are sure to love." EER Music review “Nulls in Verba”

Beyond engrossing, this is one of the finest and most allegorical pieces of dreadzone electronica you’ll come across this year. Darren Bergstein Signal to Noise “The Music of Stars”

But it is the take on 'What's New' and the opening 'No Blues' that point clearly to how far Jake Hertzog is a unique voice in jazz with potential to be able to reach out to a jazz sensibility for a new audience for the music. Recommended. 100 Greatest Jazz Albums “Patterns”

Not being shy about rock and experimentation gives Hertzog an edge in his composition and execution. Expectations have now been set from this guitarist's fresh voice, with Evolution easily one of the best jazz-rock guitar CDs of 2011. Mark Redlefsen allaboutjazz.com “Evolution”

Nechushtan is a talent to watch, with a surfeit of ideas, an unbridled spirit and bold, two fisted sense of architecture. Michael Jackson Downbeat Magazine "Words Beyond"

Yuko’s new CD is a true expression of her musical excellence,…Yuko is a pure musician who can master any stage Jaijai Jackson The Jazz Network Worldwide "Dancing in the Dialog"