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July 2012 Newsletter:

Upcoming Dates:

Alon Nechushtan joins Jake Hertzog's evening of jazz July 19th

at Somethin' Jazz Club, shows begin at 7:30 pm

A Unique Double Header

This Thursday, July 19, Jake Hertzog and his trio will kick off the second evening of their summer residency with fellow Buckyball Records artist Alon Nechushtan. 

The shows begin at 7:30 pm. This will be a great evening of jazz!




Visit Alon's Page


Quartet with Saxophonist Quinsin Nachoff ! beginning at 7:30pm.


Visit Jake's Page


With Harvie S and Victor Jones. They'll be showcasing brand new music and much more. Each week will feature different special guests beginning at 7:30pm.

Somethin' jazz club


Music to the Rescue!

Helping us grasp the concept of the Higgs Boson



In the music, the peak of high notes in the second bar (shown above) is the appearance of the Higgs-like particle (about 3.5 seconds into the recording). The researchers created two versions, one as a piano solo, and the second with added bass, percussion, marimba and xylophone.


Find out more about the proccess and download an mp3 file

From the Buckyball Archives

If you missed some of our newsletters, which are always chock full of interesting tidbits about our artists and the wolrd of science and music, you can easily visit our dedicated webpage where you can read newsletters from way back as 1997.


Buckyball archives page 

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And...10% of your purchase will go to help the Bazilo School!


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In This Issue:

A Unique Double Header

Music to the Rescue!

From the Buckyball Archives

July: NYC Appreciation Month

A video that will change your mind about space exploration: 7 Minutes of Terror

Upcoming Performances

Bazilo 2012 fund raising is on its way

July: NYC Appreciation Month

Summer is here, and music and heat are everywhere in the city! Even though it is very tempting to stay inside a climate-controlled apartment, the city is so full of great music and theatre (and a lot of it free) it's definitely worth venturing out. It could be a Tito Puente tribute band in the Bronx, or Cole Porter on Theatre Row...every corner of the city is packed full of high calibre entertainment. NYC is also looking to the future, making it a more sustainable and affordable city to live in by adding bike lanes to many avenues and streets, and directing a competition of designers to create the perfect living space within a 300-square-foot apartment! 


But work continues....as the Buckyball site and our YouTube channel grows, we thought-- why not add more options to find us on the web? That's why this month we are launching individual websites:

sarahpillow.com and marcwagnon.com

These websites offer information, video and audio clips, as well as links to other sites that go into greater detail about various projects. 


Alon Nechushtan's CD on Buckyball, "Words Beyond", won in the Jazz Category of the 11th Annual Indpendent Music Awards! For Connecticut Buckyball fans-- Alon has been writing new material and will be presenting these compositions with his quartet September 22 at Firehouse 12 in New Haven. 


For budding guitarists: check out Jake Hertzog's Hey Jazz Guy blog page. It has lots of great information about guitar technique and harmonization. A great resource for any up-and-coming shredder!


On a personal note....the world lost a unique voice last month, writer and director Nora Ephron, who gave Sarah her first job in NYC as nanny to her two sons. Sarah, along with her friends Terry Finlayson and Ed Walker, kept in touch with Nora, and on the news of her death, co-wrote their own remembrances of working for such a generous, funny and talented woman. You can read it in Salon.com

A video that will change your mind about space exploration: 7 Minutes of Terror

Here is a treat from Team members at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, sharing the challenges of the Curiosity Mars rover's final minutes in landing on the surface of Mars, which is scheduled for August 5.

Curiosity 7 minutes of terrors

Buckybalmusic on YouTube

Upcoming Performances

Jake Hertzog:

- July 19 9pm to 11pm (with Alon on First set) Somethinjazz

- July 26 9pm to 11pm Somethinjazz

- August 2 9pm to 11pm Somethinjazz


Alon Nechushtan:

- July 19 7:30 pm to 9 pm Somethinjazz

Alon Nechushtan Quintet - 10am-2pm

- September 22, 2012 

Alon Nechuhstan Quartet Firehouse space


Alon in Israel

August 19, 2012Ozen Bar

An Israeli special summer tour with Hagai Amir (saxophones), Shahar Haziza (Drums).


Mike Clark:

- August 2 at The  Bar Next Door NYC

- September 13,14 and 15 at The Iridium NYC


 Buckyball Music

Bazilo 2012 fund raising is on its way


After a few (ahem) months of concern, our boxes (with clothes, refurbished laptops and generator) are now in Haiti!!! This summer Buckyball is hosting a few fundraising events to continue our support (through your generosity) of the Bazilo School in Port-au-Prince.


For those of you who are not able to attend these events, you can still contribute to the school. Any denomination is gratefully accepted! You can send us a check to Buckyball Music, Inc., or make a donation through PayPal. If you would like more information, please email us at







Louis Lesly (Sanba Zao) Marcelin

We're giving away a FREE CD from our catalogue through our raffle held every two months

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