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Dava Sobel Dava wrote three great books and several articles about our universe and the people discovering it. She also collaborates with Galileo's Daughters, Sarah Pillow's baroque ensemble, in a performance entitled "Perpetual Motion: Revolutions in 17th-Century Science and Music".
John O'Reilly Jr. drummer extraordinaire who played with Tunnels, Sarah Pillow, Marc Wagnon and many others, has started an online Drum Recording Studio, get your beats from the best!
Buckminster Fuller Institute Find out about this unique creative mind who was an inventor, architect and philosopher
Alon Nechushtan find out the many project that Alon has coockinn'
Jake Hertzog get your info from the source and also acces Jake's great blog "Hey Jazz Guy"
Percy Jones Discography An extensive list of Percy's recordings; with Brand X, Tunnels, solo projects and as a sideman.
Nicholas D'Amato The home page of Buckyball new recruit.
Brand X Discography An excellent list of recordings from the band spanning from the 70's to today
Morris Pert's website Another Brand X alumni still doing great music, over there in Scotland.
Atomic rooster Whatever happened to the band where John Goodsall (Johnny Mandala) played in before forming Brand X? Lots of interesting info.
Aline Wagnon Marc's sister's artwork
Ejma (Ecole de Jazz and de Musique Actuelles) this is the Jazz school in Marc's home town.
The Complex We need to be well surrounded by talented individuals in order to compete. Jonathan Tessler has designed all our posters and BR011- Highly recommended!
Messi & Schmidt Design They designed eleven of our covers, and are the boys behind the Buckyball look
VRSounds A collection of great sample CDs for your sampler
City Hall Records Our U.S. distributor
The Gagliarchive Tom has one of the most interesting and videly listen pregressive music radio show on the planet. Check it out Saturday 10pm to 2am eastern standard time.
Lolo Records Home of Bon Lozaga, Hansford Rowe, Gongzilla, The Lo project, featuring some bass track by Percy, and a lot of good creative progressive music
Marquee Our Japanese distributor
Dave Douglas Discography A long running project that includes all solo recordings as well as work as a sideman
Dr Nerve Home Page Nick Didkowsky page, gigs, software, line-up

Musical Resources on the Web

Indie-Music.com For the independent musician, with educational, promotional, and general information to help in your quest for musical success.
Mi2N Music Industry News Network is a newswire service for music professionals featuring band & record label annoucements, tour and event dates, digital music news as well as new releases.
MusicDish The award-winning & authoritative music industry magazine showcasing cutting-edge artists & labels, insiders from our industry experts, tips to help your career, CD reviews and indepth news & analysis.
Allaboutjazz.com Everything you wish to find in an open minded publication, with tons of reviews, interviews, jazz MP3s and more.
Jazz chart, theory, midi files and more An incredible resource put together about Jazz instruction on the web, Oh it's in french, but its about music and, we all understand that language.
Audiophile Imports Rare imports, current fusion and progressive CDs.
The Artist Shop A unique collection of labels that produce progressive, fusion and jazz, and cool web broadcasts programmed by musicians.
Musician's Atlas Find out what the Music Industry doesn't want to hear...
Gothic Early Music Scene a new organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of early music in New York City

Sound, Science and Space

Ground-based ELF-VLF recordings "Natural Radio" describes naturally-occurring electromagnetic (radio) signals emanating from lightning storms, aurora (The Northern and Southern Lights), and most importantly, the Earth's magnetic-field (the Magnetosphere).
World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE), founded in 1993, is an international association of affiliated organizations and individuals, who share a common concern with the state of the world soundscape as an ecologically balanced entity
Latest weather satelite picture over Europe Touring in Europe, you might want to check out the weather
Latest weather satelite picture over the US Or just staying here and curious
Space Weather Or going where no one has gone before...
Maxwell's Demon Have fun with a hypothetical particiie
Special relativity theory There would not be a science topic without it

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