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cd track info and downloadsSarah Pillow's Recordings

"Ms. Pillow has a lovely, natural-sounding tone and versatile gift for interpretation."
-The New York Times

'...a passionate and improvisatory approach - sensual, languorous, compelling."
-BBC Music Magazine

"...unique statements that sound remarkably fresh and somewhat futuristic".
Glenn Astarita, AllAboutJazz.com

"Extremely innovative." A.J. Charron guitarnoise.com

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Sarah Pillow Baroque Ensemble: Galileos's Daughters
cd track info and downloads

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cd track info and downloadsGrace in Time Spiritual Songs for Voice and Organ

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cd track info and downloadsRemixes Two CD with the same songs the Baroque and the Rock way

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cd track info and downloadsNuove Musiche A re-interpretation of songs from the XVII century

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cd track info and downloadsPaper Cuts A collection of Jazz Standards

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cd track info and downloadsAn Afterthought with Marc Wagnon Original songs from Marc & Sarah

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Sarah Pillow

Sarah Pillow has built a unique career by drawing on her equal expertise in jazz and classical repertoire. She began her professional singing career as a jazz vocalist and church musician, became a graduate of Oberlin Conservatory and started exploring early music upon her arrival in New York City. Her jazz festival appearances include the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, where she received an award for excellence in performance by Downbeat Magazine. Her work as a classical musician casts a wide net: from Monteverdi's Vespers of 1610 (Andrew Parrott and the New York Collegium) to Sweeney Todd (Andrew Litton and the New York Philharmonic) at Avery Fisher Hall. Sarah performs regularly as a solo recitalist in several venues in Europe and the United States, performing repertoire from the 17th century to modern music.
Her work in early Baroque repertoire is extensive. Sarah performed in the 1990's in Ireland, England, and the United States with historical harpist Jan Walters. Their collaboration resulted in three compact discs of the music of Giovanni Felice Sances for ASV Records and BBC Radio 3 in the U.K. In 2001 Sarah formed her own group, "Galileo's Daughters", which has been active in performance of 17th-century secular and sacred music at venues throughout the United States.
Sarah's recordings also attest to her diversity in vocal styles, and she can be heard on such varied recordings as Henry Purcell's opera "Dido and Aeneas" and "An Afterthought", where she has written lyrics to Marc Wagnon's progressive jazz compositions. Her recording entitled "Nuove Musiche" is a jazz-rock album based on 17th-century melodies and texts, and features guitarist John Goodsall and bassist Percy Jones, founders of the progressive jazz-rock band Brand X. "Remixes", her latest recording, consists of two discs and two interpretations (one historical, featuring Galileo's Daughters; the other a modern twist with jazz-rock musicians) of one set of 17th-century songs.